Friday Night Fights

These last few days have been emotional ones for me, as you will have noted from my last posting. For me, November 11th will always a special day, being the day the Great War ended. There are only four or five of us left who fought in the Great War. Who will be the last to depart?

I do hope it’ll be me, for I’ve much living still to do, despite being on the run from the American police. For instance I’ve plans to return to the boxing ring, this time as a professional, for I’m convinced I would beat most of the lightweights and welterweights I see on TV’s Friday Night Fights. My appearing on Friday Night Fights might well draw more more viewers than normal, for how many 113 year old professional fighters are there? I could be the only one, hence my potential box-office appeal.

I’m still in good physical shape, since I work out vigorously every second day, starting with a two-mile run, then going to the gym and hitting the speed and heavy bags, then finishing up with several rounds of sparring with my men, Mikey Squeaky and Freddy. Not having boxed competitively since 1946, I do have ring rust, though. But after a warm-up fight or two, I’d be ready for prime time on Friday Night Fights.

I’m not, however, thinking beyond Friday Night Fights, for I wish not to think too far ahead, given my age, and that, if caught by the police, I could go to jail for the rest of my life, or be sent to the electric chair, or be lethally injected. But should this not happen, I’m open to challenging for either the world welterweight or lightweight championship if successful on Friday Night Fights.

Also, I should write my memoirs, for I’ve much to tell, given I’ve lived so long. I mean, I’ve seen memoirs by people as young as fifty, which go on for three-hundred or four-hundred pages. Since I’ve lived over sixty years longer than these fifty-year olds, who to me are mere children, think how long my memoirs would be? They might necessarily be two volumes.

I should have begun my memoirs long ago, I do realize, but I’m a life-long procrastinator. Being on the run from the police, though, does concentrate the mind, and mine is now concentrated, believe you me.

So I’m determined to begin on my memoirs right away. To the extent that I may include some of what I’ve written on this blog in my planned memoirs, I will serendipitously have already begun them.

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