A New Beginning

It’s been a while since last I posted on this web-log. I seem always to say this each time I post. But at 114 going in 115, I find time playing funnier and funnier tricks on me. It seems like two weeks since last I posted, but in normal earth time it’s actually been over five months. So today’s is my first posting in 2010.

2010. Can it really be that? I mean, would anyone seeing me as a baby in swaddling clothes when I came into the world in 1895, have even imagined that I would be still alive in 2010? When I was born, the electric light bulb and phonograph and cinemagraph and the petrol-powered motor car had scarcely been invented. Today, within a still uncompleted single lifetime, there are cell phones, laptop computers, televisions, iPads and what have you.

Given that knowledge today doubles every four years, what more will be invented before I finally cross over to the Other Side and meet my Maker? You who are reading this may think that an almost 115 year-old like me would certainly die any day now. However, thanks to lifelong exercise, sensible eating, and the good genes I inherited from my Mater and Pater, I hope to be around many years yet.

Most people take me for a youthful sixty-five. Indeed, I’m still an object of desire from ladies of all ages, and, as important, I still desire ladies almost as much as I did, fifty, sixty, and seventy years ago. As for fighting other men, I can still get the better of most men above forty. This is because I’ve boxed all my life. I was middleweight champion of the British Army in 1946. Even then, at 51, I was older than nearly all the men I fought in the ring. Perhaps I’ll expatiate on this in future postings.

Today, though, I want to continue where I left off last time. You’ll remember my meeting one evening in a bar in a Mexican town, a man I identified only as “Jose”, who said he was the local police chief. He seemed to know all about me, and was admiring of the fact that, like Pancho Villa – the hero to all Mexicans, and an ancestor of “Jose” himself, so he said – I was the leader of a gang of men who had killed Americans, and was on the run from the American police.

“Jose” was so garrulous that he still hadn’t finished all he wanted to say by closing time at the bar. He told me, and also my three men, to return the next evening when he would again be there.

I will be brief, for, not to would make this posting inordinately long. “Jose” said, the next evening, that he wanted to help me in my predicament, so admiring was he of me. He would put me and my three men under police protection, and would arrange for us to live in a house for a nominal rent.

He would even allow us to keep our guns, and we would be free to come and go from the house and go anywhere, as long as it was within the area of his jurisdiction. But he would want half of all monies we obtained from our activities, even if they are unlawful.

It was an offer too good not to accept, so I accepted it, and I persuaded my men, Mikey Freddy and Squeaky, to accept it too.

So, at almost 115, I have been granted a brand new chapter in my life – a new beginning. Is this a blessing from God because He has finally taken pity on me, and wishes to make amends?

Till next time……..

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