North, Far North

It’s two years and more since *I posted last*. You, who have followed me faithfully over the years, may well have thought I’d finally Crossed Over to meet my Maker. I don’t blame you if you thought this, for were I you I’d have thought the same. I mean, when last I posted in April 2011 I was 115. Now, I’m 118. I just could be the oldest blogger anywhere.

I don’t, though, feel 118. I feel no older than 35. And I like to think I look no older than 35. However, whenever I’m on a crowded bus nowadays, young people, including young women, offer me their seats. This didn’t happen when I was 35. So it just could be that I look older than 35 to people on a bus. Maybe even much older, like 70 or some such.

My circumstances since last I wrote, have changed, and much for the better. I’m no longer hiding out in Mexico with my men, Mikey Squeaky and Freddy. I now live by myself on the rain coast of the Pacific north west, in a town I won’t divulge because I’m still on the run from the Law everywhere.

I won’t divulge either how I departed Mexico for the Pacific north west. To speak of it would take too long and you’d be bored. As to why I left, I’ll simply say that I wasn’t happy in Mexico. My men, Mikey Squeaky and Freddy, were becoming more and more troublesome. They kept challenging me to boxing matches to see if they could beat me and become the top dog, so to displace me as leader.

And I was getting more and more stressed from robbing banks and burglarising homes, even though this was most remunerative. I had become rich enough to retire from all this. I wanted to begin again, to start a new and different chapter in my life, far away from the unceasingly oppressive heat of the Mexican desert, far away from Mikey Squeaky and Freddy, far away from the town’s police chief who was demanding more and more from us to look the other way from our bank robbing and burglarising.

So I moved north, far north, to the Pacific rain coast………

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