Sugar in Tea

Today has so far been as anodyne a day I lived since I came to the Pacific rain coast. I arose from my bed at ten o’ clock. After some perfunctory ablutions in the bathroom I went into the kitchen to get together my breakfast, which is almost unvaryingly two slices of rye crisp bread with peanut butter. This, and a cup of tea, which is the basic strong British tea I’ve drunk since I was a boy more than 100 years ago.

I have to say, I don’t know what’s happened to tea you buy today in the grocery stores. You may as well just drink hot water, so insipid are the teas of nowadays. If you want a genuine strong British tea, you really have to search for it.

Unlike today’s young people, who seem to me as insipid as the tea they drink, I have milk and sugar in my tea. And I mean a lot of sugar because my Mater would always put lots of sugar in my tea when I was a boy. I got so used to it I’ve never seen reason to change. I do realise that having lots of sugar in your tea isn’t today thought healthy. Well, at 118 and still going strong, I’m living proof that lots of sugar in your tea is perfectly healthy.

While eating the biscuits and peanut butter and washing them down with the strong British tea, I “surfed” the news on my computer. I’ll explain that I get all my news nowadays from the internet because my television no longer works the way it used to. It has the “rabbits ears”, and when I turn it on it just gives out hissing noises and there’s only on-and-off dots and lines on the screen, that I can make neither head nor tail of.

I’ve learned this is because my television is out of date. I did enquire into getting a modern television, only to discover that modern televisions are so complicated I would need to take a course in how to use them. Since I don’t like taking courses I may never get another television.

I do, though, watch the televisions that seem now de rigueur in the public houses I like to drink beer in. What I mean by a “public house” is what you’ll know as a “sports bar”. The pictures on the televisions there are so clear, the football players and baseball players they show could be just a few feet away in person from you.

There’s this “sports bar” I go to often, because it has a beautiful blonde waitress who is always very friendly towards me. I just know she wants me, and, truth to tell, I want her too. I’ll wait, though, before asking her back to my little house for a night of love, because these sorts of things can get complicated unless handled deftly, as I’ve learned to my cost from my nights of love with many, many beautiful women over the last 100 or so years.

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