Wanting to Go Home

Although Christmas and New Year are now over, I would never know it but for always checking what day it is. When you’re as alone as I’m now forced to be, any one day is the same as any other.

So I spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as quietly and as alone as I did Christmas Day. But I didn’t mind at all, for, frankly, I find the company of other fellows of today to be emotionally draining, so boring are they. When alone I feel a connection with the universe and all sentient life that I don’t feel when with today’s other fellows.

I’m not so alone, though, that I don’t know that this New Year was the beginning of 2014, and therefore 100 years since 1914, the year the Great War began. Predictably, much  public chatter has begun in England about what the Great War was supposed to have been All About – public chatter that I’ve been following, courtesy of my little laptop computer, on the websites of English newspapers, in particular the website of that socialist rag, The Guardian, that has a web page dedicated to the Great War, that you, too, can follow if you *click here*.

Of course the Guardian was never the sort of paper I would have wanted to be seen reading in the days before the Internet. However, the Guardian’s website, unlike the websites of the more reputable English newspapers, doesn’t ask you for money if you want to read more than a handful of articles. So, I’m more or less stuck with the Guardian if I want to know what’s happening in England.

The current public chatter has been incited by what England’s current Minister of Education has *recently said*, namely that the Great War was a Just War, that today’s perceptions of it, almost all unfavourable, have been unduly influenced by those of the Left Wing ilk, some of whom have denigrated the virtues of patriotism honour and courage, thus belittling the men who joined up in 1914 to fight for King and Country, and to defend the Western Liberal Order.

Having myself been one of those who found himself in a muddy trench in 1914, and not liking it at all, I don’t remember any of my comrades ever talking about any of what England’s current Minister of Education talked about. They simply wanted to go home as soon as possible without getting killed. I too. And the Hun soldiers simply wanted to go home also. I just know it.

I wish now not to dwell more on this, for it’s unearthing memories, of the sort that still find expression in vivid and terrible dreams..…….

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