Getting To Be a General

Today I’ll do something I don’t normally do on this blog, which is to speak of a recent happening that the Popular Press is discussing to no end. In this case it’s the vanishing from the sky over the Far East, of a rather large aeroplane filled with people. You, too, may have read of it.

I’ve become consumed with this, for it’s an extremely puzzling puzzle, and I like to solve puzzles. I have an acquaintance who is equally puzzled, so we’ve been exchanging views.

My most recent missive to him was about certain devices attached to this aeroplane, called Electronic Locator Transmitters ( ELTs), that are designed to send distress signals automatically should the aeroplane crash. The ELTs on this aeroplane appeared not to have sent any distress signals, leading one to think that it didn’t crash.

What I most recently said to my acquaintance, was:

I’ve happened upon *this article* that you just may find illuminating.

The important thing to keep in mind, is that the chances of an ELT not working if this aeroplane crashed, were very small. So the chances of all four ELTs not having worked, were smaller still.

It’s reasonable, then, to conclude that this aeroplane didn’t crash.

The complete radio silence from this aeroplane immediately after it changed course, has been ascribed to a comprehensive electrical failure. As with the putative failure of the ELTs, the chances of a total electrical failure (unless deliberately caused) was very small, because the electrical system in this type of aeroplane is powered from four sources independent from each other. While one or two sources could reasonably have failed, the chances of all four sources failing, were extremely small.

Hence, the chances of a comprehensive electrical failure, and the ELTs all failing too, became infinitesimally small.

That Extra-Terrestrial gentlemen caused this aeroplane to vanish, seems the likely explanation. Think of the fact that electrical failure in cars, missile sites, and planes, often happens when Flying Saucers are near. Think also of the known instances of military jets vanishing after chasing Flying Saucers.

Because the technology at the disposal of these Extra Terrestrial gentlemen would likely be hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of ours, it follows that taking command of a large aeroplane – like the one that has vanished –  through remote control, would be as easy for them, as feeding ducks is for us.

Having remote-controlled this aeroplane plane down to the southern Indian Ocean, they put it on board a giant Flying Saucer mother-ship, or caused it to vanish into a parallel-world portal.

Remember, it’s as though this aeroplane was plucked from the sky.

The scenario I’ve sketched, is either not even mentioned in all the speculations I’ve encountered, or, if it’s mentioned, it’s in a jocular tone. What does this say about the obtuseness of the Human?

As a retired General who was once in on the world’s most sensitive military secrets, I should tell you that these Extra-Terrestrial gentlemen and their Flying Saucers are real, and visit us often. The top Military Men of our world accordingly take them seriously, while accepting there’s nothing they can do about them. I can say this now, only because I’m retired. Had I said this when still a serving officer, I would never have got to be a General.

While I don’t know for sure what these Extra-Terrestrial gentlemen want from us Earthlings, I do know for sure that if they did take this large aeroplane, our leaders – if they learn of this – will reveal nothing.  So we’ll carry on as before, unless the Extra-Terrestrial gentlemen wish otherwise…………

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13 comments on “Getting To Be a General

  1. Roger says:

    You say nothing of the possibility that terrorists could have hijacked this plane. I suggest this was more likely than the ET scenario you presented.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I, of course, considered the terrorist hijack possibility, but concluded that ET involvement was more likely.

    Assuming terrorists did hijack this aeroplane, they would have done so in order to steal it, since no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, so to publicise its agenda.

    Having seized control of the aeroplane, why fly it to the middle of a huge ocean, where there’s no land to land on? It doesn’t make sense.

    But, if Aliens had assumed control, and flew the aeroplane to the middle of this huge ocean, it would have been the perfect place to deliver it into the hold of a waiting mothership, or take it through a parallel-world portal, so it would effectively vanish.

  3. Salvatore says:

    The notion that Aliens caused this aircraft to disappear, is, in my opinion, the product of a deranged mind.

    If these Aliens are technologically as far ahead of us as you assert, what use would one of our aircraft – no matter how advanced it is to us – be to them?

  4. Jeremy says:

    Because any ET Aliens would be a species different from us, we can’t know how they think, or what they think.

    So we can’t know why they might do anything, including taking one of our large aeroplanes. But they would have their own reasons, which they may make clear to us sometime, perhaps soon.

  5. Ladybugg says:

    Jeremy, for an old codger, your ability to think futuristically is impressive.
    Your speculations about ET’s is amusing.
    I’m guessing you are referring to the Malaysian airplane that dropped from the sky. This scenario may be exactly like the Egyptian plane that went down many years ago: the Islamic pilot probably committed suicide. The plane is at the bottom of a deep ocean.

  6. Jeremy says:

    “…….Your speculations about ET’s is amusing……”

    Actually, my speculations about ETs are serious.

    As of now, it’s more reasonable to think this aeroplane didn’t crash, than to think it did. One of the search team said publicly the other day that they hadn’t ruled out that the plane may have landed somewhere.

    Remember, none of the four ELTs in the plane sent any distress signals that indicate a crash. Hence it’s likely there was no crash.

    Assuming no crash, this plane either landed somewhere, or something strange happened, since the searchers seem confident the flight ended over the middle of the southern Indian Ocean, far, far from where any land is. It’s therefore unlikely the plane landed anywhere.

    So, if it didn’t land anywhere and it didn’t crash, what happened? The obvious answer is that ET Aliens may have taken it.

    There are many instances of Flying Saucers (presumably piloted by ET Aliens) interfering with passenger aircraft. One of the better known cases was the encounter of a Japan Airlines 747 with a giant Flying Saucer over Alaska in 1986, that you can find out about via the internet if you have the inclination. And not to speak of military jets that vanished while chasing Flying Saucers.

    That I, as a rather elderly retired General, still have the flexibility of mind to think something as unthinkable to the Man On The Street, as ET Aliens in Flying Saucers taking this Malaysian plane, bespeaks that I was always the very model of a modern General.

    • Ladybugg says:

      Thank you for the grammatical correction, dear. I, too, am aging and my vision suffers. I just need to proofread more carefully.
      What an inspiration you is.

    • Man of Roma says:

      Futuristically remarkable, I agree with Cherie, Jeremy.

      Actually, as far as I gather from yours and others’ reports, this plane doesn’t seem to have crashed. I am not contrary to the idea that something strange may have happened. Better, I am really intrigued by the idea.

      An elderly retired General, wow. Your story (not much part of a dream world I guess) is enthralling.

  7. Jeremy says:

    “……What an inspiration you is…….”

    If I do inspire you, you are unique, for nowadays no-one listens to me. They see me as just another old man whose mind is nothing but a roomful of old echos.

  8. Ladybugg says:

    I understand entirely, dear. Since I sold my business, no one knows who I am and no one seeks my advice.
    The only one who truly sees into my soul is my dog.
    Today she went to the vet because her collar rubbed a big sore on her neck.
    Jeremy, you would be shocked if you learned what these veterinarians charge these days.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Being invisible and ignored you should take as a blessing. You’re now free to cast off the burden of living to the expectations of others, and be simply yourself.

    Who knows, those others may now see into your soul as truly as your dog does!!

  10. Dudley says:

    You said of Extra Terrestrials, that for them to take command of a large aeroplane through remote control, “……would be as easy for them, as feeding ducks is for us…….”

    Already there is reason to suppose that a large aeroplane in the sky can now be remote controlled by someone on the ground using a mobile phone. In fact, a British security consultant stated recently that this aeroplane may be the first in history to have been hijacked by means of remote control.

    If so, isn’t it more likely that humans were the hijackers, rather than ETs?

  11. Jeremy says:

    “…..isn’t it more likely that humans were the hijackers, rather than ETs?…….”


    If the plane didn’t crash (and there’s no reason to think it did, for reasons I’ve already explained), it’s most likely that the remote hijackers were ETs, not humans.

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