I wish today to speak of news totally unexpected. I’ve learned I have a grandson. He’s the son of my late son Albert, of whom I’ve written from time to time in pages past. I never thought I would have a grandson, because Albert just didn’t seem the sort of man who would father a son for reasons – painful reasons – I long ago spoke of.

For reasons of security, I’ll refer to my new-found grandson only as “John”. John, now in latter middle-age, came to know of me through the various contacts he has within high circles of the English and American establishments. John, I should explain, is one of America’s best known political journalists. He writes for one of the big American newspapers, and also appears on the television a lot in the capacity of – what men today call – a “pundit”. So well-known is John that most of you reading this, and who own a television, would know his face immediately.

I have, by the way, no doubt that John is the biological son of Albert, because, from photos he’s sent me, I see a definite likeness to Albert as I remember him. John came into the world out of a love-affair Albert had with a young American woman while, as a young man, he was living in France. The young woman, on learning she was “with child”, returned home to America where she gave birth to John, and where she brought him up.

You, if you read regularly this blog, will understand the risks John is running by communing with me and revealing our propinquity. Were it to become widely known that John is not only communing with me secretly, but is my grandson too, he would be sacked immediately by his newspaper, and shunned by the men of television. John would thus be ruined. And not only him, but his family too, for John has a wife and children to whom he says he is devoted.

While, for reasons of John’s well-being, I cannot reveal more of his current outward life, I can reveal something of his current inner life, which – without putting too fine a point on it – is in turmoil. John is undergoing a spiritual crisis, for, over the years, he came to learn that what actually goes on in America and in the world, isn’t what he thought it was. So that most of what he writes for the public, and most of what he says on the television, isn’t about what is actually going on in America and in the world, but only about what those who really rule America, and who really rule the world – the ones who pull the strings, so to speak – want the public to know.

Were John to tell these hidden truths to the public, he would be finished as a journalist and television pundit. He would be as ruined as much as he would be were he to reveal his propinquity to me. As added insurance against professional and public ruin, he reveals none of these hidden truths, as well as nothing of his propinquity to me, even to his wife and family. The emotional toll on him has become such, that he feels he is now merely a mask – a hideous grinning mask.

John decided to establish contact with me, not only to find out more of own origins, but to find an outlet for telling at least some of the hidden public truths he can tell to no-one. I, as John’s grandfather, have agreed to allow this blog to be his conduit for saying the things he feels he must say, else he will go mad.

I have to say, though, that from the smidgen of the hidden truths which John has so far revealed to me, there’s almost nothing I haven’t come across before. But – and this is important –  none of it was in the big newspapers. So, if you, yourself, get your news only from the big newspapers, or from big television, you could find your safe comforting little world upended when you learn what John has to say. It may even send you mad. You are therefore warned.

I cannot say when John will begin his revelations. It may be soon. Or not be soon. It may be never, for, who knows, John may have second thoughts. Even if he does, I can say only that what little he has revealed to me so far, does have the ring of truth. I say this from having been an active General, and from a very long life……….